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In today’s hyper-digital world, everyone wants to be a brand or build one, yet few make it profitable. Struggling to see the results you envisioned with your current brand? Or perhaps you’re poised to create something extraordinary from nothing?

Step into the future with Sci-fi Branding, your gateway to resolving your brand problems through unparalleled branding excellence. Our consulting and strategy service caters to a global clientele, offering a discreet, visionary consulting experience that spans personal, corporate, employer, and political branding. 

At Sci-fi Branding, we are not just about advising on your brand but about setting you leagues ahead in a competitive world.

Dr. Karina Ochis and her professor-consultant collaborators are your elite strategists in communication, branding, business, and psychology. They bring their formidable expertise to global leaders, helping them steer through the most complex issues facing their companies and brands. With a robust blend of research acumen and practical experience, they offer solutions for small-to-great brand issues that are precise, integrated, and reliable, ensuring the enduring success of your brand.

Choose reliability and calculated precision to future-proof your organization. Partner with us—where your legacy is built to last. Ready to dominate your space with a brand that’s as bold and forward-thinking as you are?













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Romania — USA — UK — Switzerland — Moldova — Nigeria — Malaesia — Egypt — Turkey — South Africa — Denmark — China
Romania — USA — UK — Switzerland — Moldova — Nigeria — Malaesia — Egypt — Turkey — South Africa — Denmark — China

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Media Innovator Awards – Branding and Marketing Agency of the Year 2020 Romania
Global Awards 2020
SO Me Academy – Social Media Marketing Specialists
Online Marketing Institute – Digital Strategy Specialists


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Prof. Dr. Karina Ochis Ph.D.

Gen Z Expert | Professor Of Leadership and Management | Forbes Council Member |  Harvard | Executive Consultant | Speaker | Author | PhD in Business Research | Doctor of Leadership | M.Phill Business Research | MA
Political Marketing | MLA (c) in Governance | BA Politics

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Sci-fi Branding, we tackle everything from minor glitches to major crises across all branding fronts. Whether it’s navigating a reputation crisis, revamping your corporate identity, or elevating your personal brand, our comprehensive services are designed to address every facet of branding. From political figures to global corporations, our expertise is trusted by leaders and innovators worldwide.

While we use the latest technology in our process, your brand’s transformation will be in the hands of our elite team, led by Dr. Karina Ochis. Comprising professors and seasoned consultants in communication, branding, business, and psychology, our team merges cutting-edge research with practical strategies tailored to your unique challenges. Expect innovative, real-world solutions that propel your brand to the forefront of your industry.

Project-Based Fees: Our pricing is primarily project-based, meaning we assess the scope and complexity of each project to provide a custom quote. This ensures that our fees reflect the specific services and resources necessary for your unique challenges, providing clear and predictable pricing without hidden costs.

Tiered Pricing: We offer tiered pricing models to accommodate the diverse needs and scales of our clients. Each tier includes a set of services tailored to different business sizes and requirements, ensuring that you pay only for what you need. Whether you’re a startup looking to build your brand or an established company seeking innovative strategies, we have a plan that suits your budget.

Retainer Model: We offer a retainer model for clients seeking ongoing support. This arrangement ensures you have access to our consulting services regularly for a fixed monthly fee.

Payment Terms: We specify payment terms within our contracts, including any upfront deposits required, payment schedules, and conditions for final payments.

1. Complete contact form on our website or e-mail us at If we are referred to you, feel free to call us directly.

2. Schedule a Consultation: We start with a discovery session, during which we get to know you, your brand, and your ambitions.

3. Proposal and Agreement: We’ll send over a detailed proposal outlining our collaboration’s scope, timeline, and terms.

4. Contract and Payment: Once we agree with the plan, we will provide you with a contract that sets the stage for a successful partnership and you will pay an initial invoice.

5. Implementation and Execution: After the formalities are completed, our team generates the assessment and strategy and/or consults with you. Processes vary based on your needs.

Our contracts are crystal clear—outlining every detail from the services provided to the final deliverables. We map out each milestone to keep the project on track and align our goals with your expectations, ensuring a seamless partnership from start to finish.

Even after your strategy rolls out, our support continues. With ongoing consultations, training, and strategic updates, we ensure your brand not only thrives but leads in an ever-evolving market landscape.

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